arc yinnar

Drawing Prize Winners and Judges Comments

Notes from the Judging Panel

…having entered many art competitions over the years, we remember it can be a little annoying if participants are left with the impression that judges have chosen from their own artistic bias. Having been given the honour to judge this commendably diverse competition, we tried to address this diversity by applying the criterion: we are looking for a strong idea, executed in a manner most appropriate to the idea. There were a number of works in this exhibition that fulfil this criterion very well. The three prizes go to the following entries:

Mirboo North & District Bendigo Community Bank and arc Yinnar
First Prize of $2000: 
No. 41 - Marie Ward, Spiral of Life

A triumphant combination of intense, craftsman like drawing, beautifully rendered on the tubular surface as an effortless crossover with sculpture, bringing the drawn representation of the tree out into real three dimensional space.


Federation University Australia, Gippsland Campus (Churchill)
Highly Commended Award of $500: 
No. 34 - Alexandra Sasse, Hawthorn Towards Richmond

A sophisticated observational drawing of a kind not seen often nowadays. The work employed a minimal range of drawn marks to represent a grand view, full of space and depth, and subtly guiding the eye to move from focal point to focal point. A devoted attentiveness is beautifully maintained. 


McMillans & Latrobe Valley Enterprises
Encouragement Award of $500:
No. 35 – Kate McGuire, Shed Skin

Another highly intense observational drawing, but this time concentrated as a single object image, which in its bare deployment across the picture rectangle, assumes real symbolic power.


Other Works Deserving a Mention

No. 20 - Sari Anderson, Forbidden Symmetry. A beautiful blend of delicacy and strength with the colour perfectly complementing the linear design.

No. 7 - Carolyn Henry, Mea Culpa. Scraper board or scratch board is a virtually forgotten drawing technique, many decades ago practised by accomplished illustrators and here revived skilfully and poetically in a convincing display of velvety chiaroscuro.

No. 6 – Elizabeth Nelson, At the Big Rock. An ambitious and effective essay in calligraphic nature-drawing in brush and ink, successfully creating a particular airy atmosphere, and courageously acknowledging the powerful history of Chinese calligraphic art.

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