arc yinnar

Gallery arc. High quality exhibitions are hosted every 2, 4 or 6 weeks in this large and elegant Gallery space which measures 20 x 7 metres. Each calendar year a mix of shows are hosted with an emphasis on the contemporary approach to art making and a wide range of media.

Small Gallery
The small gallery size is 415cm x 300cm and has an up to date hanging system.

Open Entry group shows are open to artists to exhibit at the minimal cost of $10 per artwork. Examples include the 'Members and Friends exhibition in Summer'; in 2010 we held 'COLOUR IT!' around the theme of using colour to express your emotions and moods. Annual exhibitions such as ‘CREATIVE WASTE’ and the ‘ARC WOMENS SHOW’

Exhibition proposals from individual artists and groups are welcome and we encourage you to plan 12 months ahead, contact the Gallery Coordinator with your idea and Exhibition guidelines are available from the arc office.  Solo and group shows attract payment of gallery hire for a minimum of 2 weeks with no commission on sales - if transactions are handled by the artist themselves.

Curated Exhibitions such as 'Prints from Gippsland, 2010' showcase a particular theme or media relevant to those artists invited to participate. Open hours with staff attending are 12 till 4pm Tuesday to Friday, 11 am till 3 pm on Saturdays.

The Gippsland Sculpture Exhibition

April 1 – May 27
The many exhibits can be found throughout Main Street, in the garden and inside the premises of arc Yinnar.

The Alan and Margaret Glover Prize $5000,
for the best Exterior work to:
Aldo Bilotta, aluminium and bronze


Judges’ comments included “fresh, well made, creative use of materials, drawn to the form of the eggplant with the colour removed, doesn’t take itself too seriously, engaging".


(by Aldo Bilotta)

The John and Diane Allen Prize $2000, for the best Interior work went to: Andrew Bryant, stainless steel, wood, copper


Judges’ comments were: “Regenerate has a natural appearance, almost as if it has grown. It has natural surfaces, natural materials, and yet it isn’t directly representative and could be an abstract form. It engages with space and is well suited to its scale. The materials have an inherent history and have been used in a sympathetic way and allowed to speak. Several materials that all resolve in one piece.”


(by Andrew Bryant)